Forget everything you know about personal training. Woodside Ortho-Kinetics Personal Training is based on a scientific understanding of the body and how it moves, a clinical approach to identify root cause, and a deep desire to do more for our clients.

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Because every body  is different

Under the principles of the Ortho-Kinetics training certification program, Woodside personal trainers combine the unique biomechanics of your body with your individual goals to build custom fitness programming. Whether your goal is to run a marathon, improve your tennis game, or simply spend more time being active with friends and family – your Woodside personal trainer will develop a program, offer professional guidance, accountability and the encouragement to get you where you want to be.

We are proud to bring together a team of full-time, dedicated and passionate training professionals who must complete a minimum of 100 hours of classroom and practicum training to be certified. Our trainers work tirelessly to help their clients reach their goals and live the fullest, healthiest lives, whatever that looks like to them.


What Woodside Personal Training means for you

Customization: Designed for you and you alone
  • Ortho-Kinetics was built on the principle that every body is different, and therefore there can be no common assumptions. Woodside personal trainers enter each new trainer-client relationship with an open mind, ready to learn everything they can about how your body is built and how it moves.  
Empowerment: Find your real potential
  • Your Woodside personal trainer can help you understand your unique body, educate you on its capabilities and hindrances, and build a path forward.
Quantifiable Outcomes: What success means to you
  • Our personal training process is designed to track your progress and success over time. Your personal trainer will develop a series of checkpoints and milestones that allow you to see continued progress – and adjust accordingly – ensuring you reach your goals.
Sustainability: Adaptable to your life
  • Because Woodside personal trainers design a comprehensive plan based on you, your fitness programming can and will flex over time, as your body and/or goals change, and as your trainer learns more about your body.
  • Our personal trainers love building lifelong relationships with their clients to help them overcome any challenge they may face, or tackle any goals they have – regardless of age, place in life or fitness level.

What our Members are Saying

Stronger? Check. Healthier? You bet. Better looking? Oh heck yeah. More confident? On top of the world… After years of “training,” think P90X, I never obtained the results I desired. But then I started working with Simon and Iv’e never felt better. My health and strength have improved drastically, but what is more important is that I’ve found a trainer who is truly invested in “ME.” Simon keeps me on track, disciplined and constantly improving. Plus, Simon is FUN and dependable!
– Michael

What our Members are Saying

Dylan has been instrumental in using Orthokenetics in order to “retrain” my body so that it functions as it should. I’m constantly amazed at his ability to figure out how I am not functioning correctly and then designing exercises that get me on track. Being a former football, basketball and rugby player who is closing in on 60 years old, Dylan has helped me recover from decades of pounding plus using my body to get the job done no matter whether I was doing it correctly. Our weekly sessions are as important as any other activity I do for my mind, body and soul
– Dan

What our Members are Saying

When I first started training with Kerstin, my goals were to gain physical strength and to improve my overall physical health. Immediately after my first squat I started crying, because it was so difficult for me. From that moment forward, I knew I had a long road ahead of me. I asked Kerstin to please be patient with me and take it slow and she absolutely did! Kerstin also helped me through several injuries and showed me how to sit comfortably without back pain that I have dealt with for o”ver 20 years!
– Louise

Meet the Trainers

Woodside Personal Training is made up of a team of full-time, super-fit, fun-loving, professional and caring individuals who are fiercely devoted to making their clients’ goals a reality. Browse trainer head shots and bios via the links below, and contact them to schedule a consultation today. 


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