Personal Training

Personal Training is for anyone wanting to achieve a higher level of fitness. It isn’t one set program; it’s whatever you need it to be for your body and your fitness goals. 

Our comprehensive selection of training options and commitment to individual needs ensures that there is a program for everyone.

Achieve More

Start by scheduling your complimentary Ortho-Kinetics® assessment with a trainer, you can browse our Meet the Trainers page to select a trainer or email a Training Manager and be placed with one. Not ready for a one-on-one session? Sign up for Small Group Training and workout with a trainer in a group setting. Want to experience a different kind of training for core strength, flexibility and stability training? Sign up for Pilates Reformer.

Develop the perfect programming for your needs and goals under the direction of a Woodside Personal Trainer in 1-hour or 1/2-hour sessions.

It all starts with an Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment. Woodside Trainers use precision postural analysis and body metrics to identify what may be keeping you from performing at your best, and how to correct it.

No body is perfect, from imperfect alignments, muscular weaknesses to range of motion limitations; These factors can lead to forced compensation, ineffective workouts and short or long-term injury potential. Ortho-Kinetics® identifies and addresses these issues with corrective exercises and specialized techniques to unlock your full physical potential.

Schedule your Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment today.

Our Woodside personal training is the only team of Ortho-Kinetics® trained personal trainers in the Midwest, requiring a minimum of 100 hours of education and specialize in the science of bio-mechanics and are able to specifically apply it to individualized fitness programming.

Meet the trainers, and be on your way to achieving more.

Achieve more with energetic, results-oriented Small Group Training guided by Woodside’s highly qualified Personal Trainers. Participants will enjoy the unique benefits of personalized instruction combined with a supportive team atmosphere.

Our exclusive SGT is a professionally developed high-intensity interval training program that burns fat, builds muscle and provides full-body conditioning.
Individual attention from a Woodside Personal Trainer ensures continual progress for each individual. Elevate your fitness routine and achieve more strength, power and overall conditioning results.

View all SGT offerings on the Group Fitness Calendar in the mobile app and sign up on MyWoodside.

Pilates incorporates more than 500 controlled, precise movements that stretch and strengthen the muscles without adding bulk. These exercises combine a focus on core muscles, deep breathing and mental concentration to work both body and mind. Regular practice of Pilates balances your body, builds strong, lean muscle and improves your posture, concentration, flexibility and economy of motion.

Discover the difference in the way your body looks and feels with training focused on defining and strengthening your core muscles. Woodside’s STOTT PILATES® certified trainers will guide you on the Pilates Reformer to meet your individual goals in a motivating group setting. This specialized training will redefine your body, resulting in stronger balance and stability while toning your muscles and improving your posture.

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