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April Spa Specials

Embrace the moisture with Raindrop Therapy or an Aromatherapy facial this month. Raindrop Therapy | 45 min | $90 Originating from an ancient Lakota Indian healing technique, raindrop therapy uses nine powerful therapeutic Grade A essential oils dropped like ‘raindrops’ and massaged into the spine. This ‘fire and ice’ feeling deeply energizes and detoxifies the [...]

Hypertrophy: Strength Training for Muscle Growth

Have you ever wanted to push yourself to a new limit in the gym? Have you ever wanted to lift heavier than you thought was possible? Do you lift in an effort to increase the size of your muscles? Understanding Hypertrophy "Hypertrophy" is a word commonly used by trainers, and may also be commonly misunderstood [...]

March Spa Specials

Refresh your skin, book a treatment that will leave you feeling smooth and moisturized in time for Spring.   Advanced Custom Peel | 75 MIN | $100 This customizable range of epidermal procedures helps improve the health and appearance of the skin by reducing pigmentation, smoothing skin texture and diminishing acne.   Add-on services | [...]

Benefits of Boxing Bootcamp

At Woodside, we know that not all forms of exercise are created equal, and we understand the importance of cross-training and the benefits that come with it.