Dr. Ryan Stevens operates Synergy Performance and Rehabilitation located on the lower level of Woodside. Dr. Stevens provides chiropractic services, rehabilitation, and sports and injury therapy to Woodside members and the general public. 


Dr. Stevens passion not only lies in the rehabilitation of his clients, but also on educating them on proper form and exercise technique that is personally tailored and progressed to each individual, with the ultimate goal of helping them live healthy, long and active lifestyles while preventing injuries.

His diverse background and skill set allow him to administer effective integrated therapy and training programs to assist in the areas of pain management, acute injury, rehabilitation and improving overall function and performance. 

Dr. Stevens prides himself on setting the standard in the fitness and rehabilitation industry. He has set himself apart from others in his field by building a solid foundation based on science, scientific research, biomechanical principals, and continual study of the human body. 

Dr. Stevens currently works with professional athletes, medical professionals from many fields, fitness experts, fitness beginners, seniors and people suffering from traumatic conditions and injuries.

To learn more about his services or to schedule a visit click the link below or call 913.831.0034 x 141.

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