Pilates Reformer Training

Regular practice of Pilates balances your body, builds strong, lean muscle and improves your posture, stamina, concentration and flexibility. Woodside’s highly skilled Pilates trainers give you the support and skills you need to achieve maximum benefits. By using a Pilates Reformer, you add resistance to your workout while massaging, aligning, stretching and strengthening muscles without building bulk or impacting joints.

Small Group Reformer Training

Work with a Woodside Pilates Trainer on the Reformer in a small group setting for individualized attention in a collaborative atmosphere. Details below on our various Small Group Reformer Training offerings.

Private Pilates Training

Work one-on-one with a Woodside Pilates Trainer for specialized reformer training. An excellent option for injury rehabilitation or sport-specific training.

Class Levels

Reformer 1 Small Group

This equipment session provides members a solid foundation of correct technique and essential reformer exercises. It is designed to establish core strength and stability. Props will be incorporated to add variety. This class is great for beginners and continuing students who want a basic total body reformer workout.

Mixed Reformer Small Group

This Reformer class provides a multi-level workout that will tone muscles, strengthen your core and provide an invigorating total-body workout. This is the perfect class in transition from Reformer 1 to Reformer 2.

Reformer 2 Small Group

The Reformer 2 class provides an intermediate- to advanced-level workout that will tone muscles, strengthen the core and improve posture.

Just Getting Started?

New to Pilates? Contact Lead Trainer and Pilates Instructor, Kerstin Robertson to learn how to get started.

For Questions: Contact Lead Pilates Trainer, Kerstin Robertson.

Looking for Something More?

HIIT Reformer

The ultimate cardio and strength interval workout. Utilize the reformer to perform High Intensity Interval Training exercises based on power, endurance, and progressive strength training, while emphasizing a strong core. This class burns fat and delivers a strong athletic body. Be prepared to sweat and test your willpower.

HIIT Reformer Express

Use the jump board along with functional training exercises to elevate your heart rate, maximizing fat loss, and tone your core and glutes.