Fitness, competition, recreation. From group tennis instruction to social events and leagues for all skill levels, find it all at Woodside.

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Comprehensive adult tennis clinics provide everything from beginner instruction to advanced competitive skill building. Whether you want to learn the basics of the game in Adult 101, are looking to compete in Men’s and Women’s Doubles clinics, or simply enjoy working up a sweat in Cardio Tennis we’ve got a clinic, class or league to fit your needs

Adult Clinics

Woodside offers clinics year-round, indoor or outdoor for all skill and fitness levels. View the clinics below and get in the game today! Register for clinics by calling 913.831.0034 or email Ryan Wall.

Summer Session Dates

Session 1: Jun 3 – Jun 30
Session 2: Jul 1 – Jul 28  (no class Jul 4)
Session 3: Jul 29 – Aug 25

Fall/Winter Session Dates

Session 1: Sept 4 – Oct 28
Session 2: Oct 29 – Dec 16 / Jan 1 – Jan 13 (Breaks: Nov 19-25 and Dec 17-31)
Session 3: Jan 14 – Mar 10
Session 4: Mar 18 – May 26 (*10 week session)

*All pricing based on 8-week session


A fun, fast-paced doubles game with an unusual scoring format for 3.0-4.0 players that will improve your doubles skills and tactics!


Mon | 9:30am – 10:30am | USTA 3.0 or Tencap Men 55- Women 60-
Fri | Noon – 1pm | USTA 3.0 or Tencap Men 55- Women 60-


Mon | 9:30am – 10:30am | Tencap: 40-68
Fri | Noon – 1pm | Tencap: 46-65

Cost: $18/clinic

Intro to 41

This is a fun way for advanced beginners to pre-intermediate players that have been through Adult 101 or Stroke + Strategy to play more tennis in a faster paced environment.


Tue | 8pm – 9pm

Cost: $18/clinic

Doubles Clinic

Learn to poach, lob and play as a winning team through drills, situational play and games.

Tencap: 45-65

Tues | 9:30am – 11am | 3.0 level
Thurs | 9am – 10:30pm | 3.0 level
Thurs | 6pm – 7:30pm | 3.0 level

Fall |  $240/member includes one clinic per week | 8-week session

Summer | $120/member includes one clinic per week | 4-week session

Fall/Winter Adult 101 Pathway

Players will progress to Adult Stroke + Strategy in order to prepare for playing the game of tennis. Members may repeat 101 if necessary.

Session 1: Sept 10 – Oct 6
Session 2: Oct 8 – Nov 3
Session 3: Jan 7 – Feb 2
Session 4: Feb 4 – Mar 2
Session 5: Mar 4 – Mar 30
Session 6: Apr 1 – Apr 27
Session 7: Apr 29 – May 25

Adult 101 Pathway Clinics: 
Adult 101 Pathway 1 (Clinic) Mon 6pm – 7pm + Sat 11am – Noon
Adult 101 Pathway 2 (Clinic) Wed 8:30am – 9:30am + Sat 11am – Noon

Cost: $135/member includes two clinics per week.

Register with Dave Gary.

Summer Adult 101 Pathway

Go from the lesson court to the match court in eight weeks. This course consists of four weeks of instruction, followed by four weeks of league play with your classmates to solidify your skills and prepare for match play. This is a great introductory way to get started with tennis in a play to learn environment. Tennis racquets provided. 

Session 1
Clinic Dates: Jun 3 – Jun 30

Mon 6PM – 7PM + Sat 11AM – Noon
Wed 8:30AM – 9:30AM + Sat 11AM – Noon
League Dates: Jul 1 – Jul 28
Thurs 7:30PM – 8:30PM
Fri 8:30AM – 9:30AM

$135 | 8 weeks

Session 2
Clinic Dates: Jul 1 – Jul 28

Mon 6PM – 7PM + Sat 11AM – Noon
Wed 8:30AM – 9:30AM + Sat 11AM – Noon
League Dates: Jul 29 – Aug 25
Thurs 7:30PM – 8:30PM
Fri 8:30AM – 9:30AM

$135 | 8 weeks

Session 3
Clinic Dates: Jul 29 – Aug 25

Mon 6PM – 7PM + Sat 11AM – Noon
Wed 8:30AM – 9:30AM + Sat 11AM – Noon
No league Play

$95 | 4 weeks

Register for any summer session with Ryan Wall.

Adult 201

Continuing on the Adult pathway to Stroke + Strategy, Adult 201 is for players that have finished with 101 and are progressing their technique, rallying back and forth, and will begin learning how to play the game more.

Tencap: Men 75-80 | Women 75-80


Tue | 7pm – 8pm
Sat | Noon – 1pm

$270 | two clinics per week


Tuesday 7pm – 8pm

Wednesday 9:30am – 10:30am 

Saturday 12pm – 1pm

$120 | 4-week session

Intro to Cardio Tennis

For advanced beginners to pre-intermediate players that have been through Adult 101 Stroke + Strategy, Cardio Tennis is a high-energy fitness class that combines the best features of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate full body, calorie burning aerobic workout. Registration required.

Wed | 6am – 7am
Wed | 6pm – 7pm

Complimentary | Register on MyWoodside

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a high energy fitness class that combines the best features of tennis with cardiovascular exercise; delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout. The tennis level to attend this class must be a minimum of USTA 3.0 or higher, Tencap rating of Women 60 or lower and men 55 or lower.

Mon | 8:30am – 9:30am
Tues | 6am – 7am
Tues | 6pm – 7pm
Thurs | 6am – 7am
Sat | 8:30am – 9:30am

Complimentary | Register on MyWoodside

TRX Cardio Tennis

This class combines TRX Suspension Training and Cardio Tennis to deliver an on-court, cutting-edge program that builds strength and improves tennis performance. (Advanced beginner to experienced players are welcome.) Led by Woodside Tennis Coach and Woodside Personal Trainer.

Mon | 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Complimentary | Register on MyWoodside

Adult Stroke & Strategy

Tennis professionals will help you break down your stroke with drills, then challenge you to apply those techniques in a game setting.

Tencap: Men 49-62 | Women 62-70


Mon | 7pm – 8:30pm
Wed | 9:30am – 11am
Thurs | 9am – 10:30am
Thurs | 7:30pm – 9pm

$240 | 1 clinic per week | 8-week session


Mon | 7pm – 8:30pm
Wed | 9:30am – 11am
Thurs | 9am – 10:30am
Thurs | 7:30pm – 9pm

$120 | one clinic per week

Adult Tennis Academy

For the 3.0 and above player interested in participating in district USTA league play. Train like the tennis pros and start challenging your abilities.

Tencap: Men 48 and lower | Women 61 and lower

Wed | 6pm – 7:30pm
Sat | 9:30am – 11am


$240 | one clinic per week | 8-week session


$120 | one clinic per week | 4-week session

Advanced Tennis Clinic

Intended for the USTA 4.0 and above player. This clinic offers a great workout with stroke production and point play.

Sun |  Noon – 1:30pm


$240 | one clinic per week | 8-week clinic


$120 | one clinic per week | 4-week clinic

Challenge Ladder

The challenge ladder is a “BUMP” ladder that is played starting June 3 with matches to be completed by August 25.

A ladder of play will be created in order of registration.

You may challenge above or below you 10 spots on the ladder! Again this is 10 players above or below you, Nothing to do with players ratings just the spots on the ladder.

June 3 – Aug 25 | $90 + tax
Cost includes: a can of balls for every match and available indoor court time for your match in case of rain or outdoor courts booked.

Learn more by emailing Dave Gary.

Adult Socials

Woodside Adult Tennis organizes regular socials and team tennis events throughout the year. From our annual Club Championships to novice socials and team tennis events, we bring together players from across the club for fun, competition or recreation.

 View Calendar 

Mixed Double Club Championships

Nov 8 – 10

Mixed Doubles play in a tournament format with food, drinks and a ton of fun! Friday night draw party includes complimentary small bites and a drink from The Bar, where we will announce the tournament draw. Play will begin on Saturday morning at 9:00am and continue through Sunday until the champions are decided! Lunch and drinks are included on Saturday for tournament participants.

$40+tax/member (includes lunch)

Register through Woodside Tencap or email Deon Botha.


Cardio Games Night


Come out for a fantastic night of fast-paced games, drills and more, including Champ of the Court and Triples! Play alongside fellow tennis players and Woodside Coaches. All levels welcome as we will have multiple courts for each skill level. This event will conclude with complimentary food and a drink from the Woodside Kitchen & Bar.

$25+tax/member | $30+tax/guest

Register on MyWoodside


Adult Pickleball Party


The most sought after recreational tennis event at Woodside! Join in on the fun with a pickleball tournament with fellow members and guests! This event is open to all levels and the equipment is provided by Woodside. Participants will enjoy small bites and a complimentary beverage from The Bar after the event. You must be 21+ to register.

$25+tax/member | $30+tax/guest

Register with Grant Fleming. 




Oct 14 – Dec 8

Join us for eight weeks of fitness and tennis with Woodside Tennis Coach Ryan Wall and Woodside personal trainers, starting with a kick-off in the main clubhouse. Fit By Tennis in 60 (FBT60) is a nationally-recognized program utilizing Woodside’s ball machines to get conditioned through targeted programming and drills, and TRX Cardio tennis for high-intensity workouts focused on weight loss and strength training.

It’s fun, fast, and a great way to get involved with tennis or work on your skills. Woodside’s program includes:

  • Ball machine orientation with Woodside Tennis Coach, Ryan Wall
  • Individual body metrics and tracking with Woodside Personal Trainers
  • Ongoing communication and accountability with coach Ryan and trainers
  • Weekly group play sessions

Because this program is developed to help participants lose weight and tone up, the member who shows the most fat loss after eight weeks will be gifted Ball Machine Club for the fall/winter season (valued at $285).

$125 + tax/member

Sign up with Ryan Wall.

Adult Tennis Leagues

Get to know other tennis players, develop skills and improve your overall game in an adult league. Woodside’s adult tennis leagues meet weekly for organized play across men’s and women’s singles and doubles, for every experience level.

March 18 – May 26
Singles League $165 per person + tax
Doubles League $115 per person + tax
Register on Woodside’s Tencap
Oct 15 – Dec 23
Singles League $165 per person + tax
Doubles League $115 per person + tax
Register on Woodside’s Tencap
Jan 7 – March 17
Singles League $165 per person + tax
Doubles League $115 per person + tax
Register on Woodside’s Tencap

League Play Schedule

Flex leagues allow you to set up your own matches on your own time. Tennis matches are two out of three sets, using a match tie-breaker for the third set. If you are not finished with play by the end of league time, record the score as is. You will receive one can of new balls for each match. Return the score clipboard to the front desk with match score and circle the winners name.

Players are responsible for finding their own subs. This will help greatly with organization of the tennis league and other players not receiving a last minute no show.

The schedule will be set for the session. If you are unable to play your match at the scheduled time, please:

     1) Contact the front desk to let them know you will not be using the court

     2) When you get to play the match, please email Deon Botha the scores along with day, time, scores, winner and name of league.


Ladies Singles | (60-72) | Friday 9:30 – 11am
Ladies Singles | (50-55) | Monday 7:30 – 9pm
Ladies Singles | (56-61) | Monday 7:30 – 9pm
Ladies Singles | (72-78) | Wednesday 9:30 – 11am

Register through Woodside’s Tencap Page

Women’s Fixed Partners | Thursdays 7:30 – 9:00PM

Co-Ed League | (65-80) | Monday 9am – 10:30am
Co-Ed League | (65-80) | Sunday 830am – 10am
Co-Ed League | (62–35) | Wednesday 6am – 7am


Men’s Singles | (30-40) | Saturday 8am – 9:30am
Men’s Singles | (51-65) | Sunday 9am – 10:30am
Men’s Singles | (68-78) | Sunday 9am – 10:30am
Men’s Singles | (40-50) | Tuesday 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Men’s Singles | (40-50) | Wednesday 7:30pm – 9pm


Men’s Doubles | (45-55) | Sunday 10:30am – Noon

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Class Schedule

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