Meet The Spa Staff

Caroline Perdomo

Director of Spa & Retail, LE

Caroline has been a part of the management acting as the Director of Spa and Retail since 2010. In addition to these responsibilities, she is a licensed and practicing esthetician and professional makeup artist. Caroline’s services include chemical peels, full body waxing, eyelash extensions and cosmetic application.

Philosophy: Spaing is an enjoyable experience and a preventive way to keep stress and disease at bay.

Mind/Body Balance: I love living a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy going to market for fresh produce, growing herbs and food at home and preparing them in my kitchen with a nice drink at my side. I like being outdoors, playing tennis and participating in most all athletic activities. In my free time I enjoy reading everything I can to maintain my knowledge as a skincare professional.

Favorite Treatment: I recommend a monthly duo service with a signature massage followed by the peel plus collagen facial. This is the perfect 2-hour spa treatment to maintain body work and healthy skin.

Thomson Taylor, II

Massage Therapist, LMT

Thomson graduated from Heritage College in 2003 with an AOS in Massage Therapy. With more than 10 years of experience, Thomson has gained knowledge in a variety of techniques while his relaxed and professional manner effortlessly put his clients at ease, providing a tranquil atmosphere for his clients.

Philosophy: The body is psychologically programmed to be nurtured when it comes in contact with the world. My philosophy is to reconnect with that.

Mind/Body Balance: I feel that taking care of the body coincides with restoring the mind, therefore I partake in yoga, marital arts, extracurricular sports, weekly exercises and healthy eating. When focusing on the mind itself, I spend my time reading anything that educates me on the human body; including oriental medicine, acupuncture, martial arts, anatomy, psychology and nutrition. I also enjoy daily meditation and prayer to exercise the soul.

Favorite Treatment: The treatment that truly captures my passion the most is Prenatal. I was raised by a single mother and was surrounded by such strong women, which instilled into me the value of a woman especially through pregnancy. Mothers are overworked and under stress through the way the body changes through their pregnancy. I feel it is my duty yet privilege to care for a mother knowing that their focus and priority is not for themselves.

Jason Campbell

Massage Therapist, LMT

Jason began studying and practicing massage in the late 1980’s. He received his education at the Massage Therapy Training Institute in Kansas City. Jason brings a mix of techniques to the Spa at Woodside – Deep Tissue, Swedish, Neuro-muscular and Trigger Point are his primary modalities with a focus on injury management.

Jason creates a serene and therapeutic environment to help his clients achieve wellness through relaxation and targeted therapy.

Mayleen Hadley

Massage Therapist, LMT

Mayleen completed her professional training in 2008 and has been practicing massage therapy since then. She stresses the benefits of massage to her clients and incorporates different massage techniques based on her client needs. She is well practiced in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sport, PreNatal, Facial, Scalp and Reflexology.

Mayleen continually strives to address her clients’ needs in order to ease pain and discomfort, improve mobility and overall well-being so they are able to enjoy life to the fullest.

Philosophy: Therapeutic massage by nature is very nurturing, and nurturing ourselves should be part of our daily well-being routine.

Mind/Body Balance: At this moment. I do a lot of meditation, lots of weekend hiking, yoga, and hula hoops to work out my hips. I like swimming, exploring kc parks and lakes, camping and enjoy a good comedy show.

Favorite Treatment: I like all the treatments we practice. Because everyone is so different; we all strive to help our clients accomplish their wellness goal and relaxation experience.

I enjoy deep tissues massage/ Chronic pain management which addresses the deeper layer of the muscle to help release tension and pain.

Terry Solis

Massage Therapist, LMT

Terry acquired his license in massage therapy in 2015 at Well Spring School of Allied Health and spent the year of 2016 in Houston, TX gaining experience as a traveling massage therapist.

Terry specializes in pain management, muscle recovery and mobility, helping clients become better and stronger athletes. He also works with people suffering from various chronic and acute disorders to help them achieve a better quality of life.

Philosophy: Don’t wait until you are in pain and need a massage; through consistent treatment and self-care (such as foam rolling and stretching), you can better avoid injury and live a more balanced life.

Mind/Body Balance: I try to stay consistent with yoga every week. I also CrossFit 6 days a week and make sure to include at least 30 minutes of mobility and stretching post workout. My other hobbies include Crossfit competitions every other month, rock climbing, renting a bike in KC and exploring our amazing city.

Favorite Treatment: Sports Massage, Medical Massage, and Deep Tissue. Taking care of your body is important and everything that we offer at The Spa is amazing from our body scrubs to facials and massage.

Daniel Andre

Massage Therapist, LMT

Daniel completed his training in 2012 at Pinnacle Career Institute. He specializes in deep tissue, deep pressure, Swedish massage, sport massage, reflexology and cranial sacral massage. Daniel’s mission is to promote self-healing for mind and body and to give a healthy alternative to pain medication through massage.

Philosophy: Massage to me is about treating the smallest problem/pain quicker, before people reach for the pills. Having the knowledge to help people in need of healing and relaxation is great!

Mind/Body Balance: In my spare time I like to work out, run, walk, learn something new, bend some rules and spend time with my kids. To keep my head clear I also get massages and boxing, I really like to push my body and get my blood flowing to work the toxins out.\

Favorite Treatment: Deep tissue, Swedish massage, sport massage, cranial sacral, reflexology and stretching. I really like doing it all at once during the massage.

Kathryn Koppe

Massage Therapist, LMT

Kathryn completed her training in 2015 at Hawaii Healing Arts College in Kailua, Hawaii. Prior to massage training, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and French from Baker University.
Kathryn specializes in deep tissue and prenatal massage, her goal is that every client leaves the treatment room with a true feeling of well-being and aloha!

Philosophy: Regular skin care and massage are an integral part of a balanced health and wellness regimen, along with regular exercise, stretching, and healthy eating!

Mind/Body Balance: I enjoy regular workouts (resistence and HIIT), golf, learning languages, spending time with my grandparents and going on walks with my dog, Waffles.

Favorite Treatment: A classic signature massage with a face and scalp add-on. This allows us to address any problem areas throughout the body while also making the treatment more relaxing.

Trina Blake

Licensed Esthetician

Trina attended Entourage Institute of Beauty and Esthetics in Overland Park where received her Esthetics license in 2010. She believes that maintaining healthy skin, proper skin maintenance, coupled with detoxing, are essential to looking and feeling your best. Aside from facial treatments, she also specializes in body treatments, full body waxing and brow shaping.
Trina recognizes the importance of remaining current in her knowledge of skincare and attends the Dermal Institute Schools in various states.

Philosophy: A regular skin care routine needs to cover the three essential steps in skin care: Prevention, Correction and Protection to get the maximum anti-aging benefits. 30% of results come from the professional skin treatments, and 70% of results come from your home skin care routine.

Mind/Body Balance: I spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s how I cleanse my mind. I love being at the lake-swimming, tubing, wake boarding. I camp every other weekend with my husband and daughter. I love being with my family.
I take impeccable care of my skin at home- all out SkinCeuticals skin care regimen. I do body brushing overnight then follow with all the luxury body oils, which are available in The Spa.

Favorite Treatment: I love doing Alpha/Beta Peels with collagen masks. They give immediate and lasting results. The Peels resurface and refresh the skin while the collagen regenerates and hydrates the skin.

Amber Lockard

Licensed Esthetician

Amber earned her esthetic license from Entourage Institute of Beauty and Esthetics in Lenexa, Kansas. Amber is passionate about skin health and educating her clients on the importance of a homecare regimen and routine skincare treatments. She attends the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa Convention yearly to continue her education and to keep her current on facial trends and treatments.

Philosophy: My mission is to ensure that each client I treat reaches their skincare goals while experiencing a relaxing and personalized treatment.

Mind/Body Balance: My three children and a loving husband keep me balanced and grounded. I also enjoy yoga, reading, traveling and makeup artistry.

Favorite Treatment: SkinCeuticals Professional Peel has multiple benefits and produces optimal results – it yields while enhancing the benefits of a SkinCeuticals homecare regimen.