About Yoga

Through a variety of poses, yoga helps the mind and body learn to work together for maximum benefit in breath-linked movements. Yoga’s centering experience creates tremendous physical health benefits including: increased flexibility, range of motion and muscle toning.

Woodside Yoga Offerings

Yoga is more than meditation and exercise, it’s the process of harmonizing one’s mind, body and soul.

Our health club’s comprehensive yoga program offers classes for every level. From challenging Power Yoga to restorative Moonlight Yoga, Basics to Pop Yoga, all the Yoga classes at Woodside will energize, test and develop your balance, strength and flexibility. Our experienced teachers will guide you through basic yoga techniques and challenging postures through breath and concentration.

While all yoga supports you physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Woodside’s special yoga offerings allow you to focus on furthering your potential and bringing new yoga experiences into your wellness plan.

For those looking to enhance their yoga practice with individualized instruction from experienced Woodside Yoga Teachers in Kansas City. $100/hour private instruction | $175/hour semi-private. Contact Katie Swetala for more information on our health club’s private yoga lessons.

Woodside requires 200 hours (RYT) with Yoga Alliance or a Level IV Yogafit training certification and a minimum of two years teaching experience for all Yoga Teachers to ensure that members of our health club receive the best yoga instruction and experience possible.