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Poolside Sessions Lineup 2019

Enjoy live, local music while shopping the brands and styles you love at the Woodside Adult Pool every Thursday from 5PM - 8PM. This year, Poolside Sessions is a collaborative event with our Partners at ULAH, A Men's Apparel and Lifestyle store in the Woodside Village, who will feature guest vendors and clothing brands for [...]

May Spa Specials

Glow and Go Facial Peel and Collagen Mask 60 MIN | $105 with a free Dermablend Glow Highlighter Purchase a SkinCeuticals Peel Treatment with Collagen Mask and receive a Dermablend Glow Highlighter ($140 value) This exfoliating treatment helps resurface the uppermost layer of the skin to reveal new, healthy skin underneath. Chemical peels are available [...]

April Spa Specials

Embrace the moisture with Raindrop Therapy or an Aromatherapy facial this month. Raindrop Therapy | 45 min | $90 Originating from an ancient Lakota Indian healing technique, raindrop therapy uses nine powerful therapeutic Grade A essential oils dropped like ‘raindrops’ and massaged into the spine. This ‘fire and ice’ feeling deeply energizes and detoxifies the [...]

Hypertrophy: Strength Training for Muscle Growth

Have you ever wanted to push yourself to a new limit in the gym? Have you ever wanted to lift heavier than you thought was possible? Do you lift in an effort to increase the size of your muscles? Understanding Hypertrophy "Hypertrophy" is a word commonly used by trainers, and may also be commonly misunderstood [...]

March Spa Specials

Refresh your skin, book a treatment that will leave you feeling smooth and moisturized in time for Spring.   Advanced Custom Peel | 75 MIN | $100 This customizable range of epidermal procedures helps improve the health and appearance of the skin by reducing pigmentation, smoothing skin texture and diminishing acne.   Add-on services | [...]

Benefits of Boxing Bootcamp

At Woodside, we know that not all forms of exercise are created equal, and we understand the importance of cross-training and the benefits that come with it.

February Spa Specials

Treat yourself to maximum relaxation and a healthier complexion. you’ll love yourself for it. February is all about love; love yourself by easing tension and stress in the body and work to increase blood circulation, hydrate your skin and rejuvenate your mind.

January Spa Specials: New Year Revival

This month’s spa specials are centered around reviving your skin, detoxing your body and starting fresh for the new year. Be good to yourself – Call 913.831.0043 to book your service today.

Detox Massage & Body Wrap 90 MIN | $160 Experience luxury with a massage and cleansing detox body wrap in this relaxing treatment. …

December Specials at The Spa

‘Tis the season of giving! The Spa offers many ways to get into the holiday spirit and treat yourself:

Gift yourself or someone you love with a thieves massage to jump start your immune system for the cold season. Are you ready for the holiday party season? Book a ‘Glow and Go’ facial peel …

Woodside Wish List 2018

You can do anything in two months – and it’s crunch time to finish strong on meeting your 2018 goals. November is the perfect time to reflect on your resolutions you made at the beginning of the year and make adjustments to make them more attainable – where has your progress taken you?

The Woodside …

When Summer Ends, Summer Training Begins

Build your beach body, just in time for summer.

With the change in seasons often comes a change in our fitness routines. Whether we realize it or not, it’s easy to lose track of our fitness goals and allow those few extra pounds to sneak up on us. Fall seems to set a …

November Specials at The Spa

This month, enjoy a seasonal hot stone treatment and replenish your dry skin to support your long-term skincare regimen with specials on SkinCeuticals & Tria laser system. Show your support for “Movember” with 10% off Jack Black Skincare.


Purchase any Jack Black men’s skincare products and receive 10% …

The Secret Weapon to Fall Skin Care

Fall can be a hectic time for skin care. The changing seasons bring cold weather, dry air and less sunlight, depleting you of essential natural vitamins like vitamin D, UVB and B12. Needless to say, it takes a whole lot of adjusting your daily skin care routine to keep up healthy looking skin. Caroline …

Where Music’s Meaning Meets the Power of Yoga

Leading up to this month’s Dark Side of the Moon yoga event on Oct 24, we asked Carrah Quigley, “what drives your motivation to sync rock music with movement in yoga?”

The Dark Side of the Moon Where Music’s Meaning Meets the Power of Yoga

“I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes …

October Specials at The Spa

This month, renew and replenish your skin with a gentle exfoliation with a pumpkin spice body scrub or a pumpkin facial, and book a recovery massage to penetrate deep into skin to lessen inflammation from cold weather workouts.


Smooth your skin from head to toe with this …

Parenting A Student Athlete by Erran Gilchrist

For most parents, back to school can be a hectic time between balancing a busy schedule for students and maintaining your own health and fitness regimen. Woodside Yoga teacher, Erran Gilchrist, shares her story on how she manages being a parent to a busy student-athlete, teaching yoga and finding time for a personal workout, even …

Pilates for Pain Relief, Recovery and Everyday Life

Woodside Personal Trainer and Certified Pilates Instructor, Lisa Cherepak, has over 12 years experience teaching Pilates on the mat and with equipment, working with a wide range of clients with physical limitations and fitness needs. She shares her story on how Pilates helped her transcend her own fitness routine, and where you can begin.


You do not have to be an athlete to feel like an athlete.

Woodside personal trainer Shelby Chadd takes us through a few tips for taking your fitness to the next level by thinking like an athlete.

I often find myself in conversations with my clients that center around their insecurities and physical limitations. …

The Anti-Diet | Meal Rules to Live By

“Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane.” – GiGi Hadid

Over the years, I have learned that diets don’t always work. Sure, you may lose a few pounds here and there, but as soon as you indulge just a little (because you’re human), you immediately gain the weight back. …

Woodside Kitchen Salmon Bowl Recipe


olive oil–2 TBSP wild caught salmon–4 oz. portion cooked quinoa–1 cup hand-chopped bacon–2 TBSP pickled golden raisins–1 TBSP (plumped in a hot pickling liquid and cooled down. Best at least 2 days after) oven roasted cauliflower florets–1/4 cup toasted almond slices–2 TBSP mustard vinaigrette–2 oz. apple cider vinegar- ½ TBSP Honey mustard- 1 TBSP …

What’s in Your Beauty Bag Matters | An Esthetician’s Guide to Reading Skin Care Labels

Today, the skin care industry is an exciting place to be. The world of skin care has merged with new advanced techniques and technology to improve ingredients for your skin. The industry has gone global with endless choices for beauty products and the options are limitless.

Every cosmetic and skin care line claims to provide …

6 Workouts Based on Superhero Superpowers

With the help of Woodside Personal Trainers, we’ve developed 6 calisthenics workouts based on signature moves of some of the most famous superheroes! These simple workouts can be done anywhere at anytime, and helps focus on areas where these heroes are the strongest. You never know when your superpowers are needed… try em out, …

Sunrise Routine for Morning Mobility

My clients often ask me how to treat chronic tightness and pain, outside of the treatment room. The three most common issues my clients complain of are neck, shoulder and lower back pain. These issues can have many different causes, from the type of work someone does, their choice of fitness or sports (recreational or …

Introducing Woodside’s Director of Group Fitness, Christian Noni

Woodside is proud to welcome our new Director of Group Fitness, Christian Noni. Christian comes to Woodside from luxury fitness brand Equinox, where he was the Group Fitness Director for its Huntington Beach location, as well as the Southern California Cycle Mentor. Christian brings to Woodside over ten years of experience across a broad range …

Summer Skin Care Tips: Prevent and Remove Age Spots

Summer is the most important season to take care of your skin. The dangers from the sun are at their peak during the summer months, and it seems no matter how vigilant you are, the inevitable dark spots appear; what are they? How do you prevent, correct and protect your skin from them?  Woodside Esthetician, …