Partners in Prevention

Woodside is excited to announce a partnership with The University of Kansas Cancer Center that will provide members with a range of prevention and health education as part of our comprehensive offerings.

A New Focus on Comprehensive Wellness

As the notion of health and wellness expands into disease prevention, longevity and advanced medicine, Woodside is broadening our approach. We believe that having the latest information and insight into cancer prevention and awareness, as well as the best access to support and treatment resources, is an important part of a comprehensive wellness plan.


Members will receive the latest science and information from one of the nation’s leading cancer centers, including industry-leading discoveries on preventative health, insight into specific cancers, nutrition education and more.


Members seeking cancer treatment at the Cancer Center will have access to the Nurse Navigator program, a patient-focused initiative designed to coordinate, communicate, and connect patients throughout their cancer journey.

Woodside in the Community

Woodside Personal Training will offer training to patients of the KU Cancer Center in order to provide specialized support in pre- and post-operative cancer related surgery and treatment. In addition, Woodside will assist in fundraising efforts for the Cancer Center.

Questions? Contact Andy Robertson, Director of Community at Woodside.