Complimentary Workouts: Pilates Reformer

August 8, 2017

Targeting the muscles and the areas of your body that you want to shape and build is a good start to developing your exercise programming. But to optimize that program, you need complimentary exercises that provide rest for those targeted muscles, support for the surrounding joints and diverse movements for a comprehensive approach. Pilates reformer training fills the gaps that targeted workouts leave behind. The reformer utilizes controlled resistance, building core strength and stability with little to no impact. Joints and supportive systems like muscles around the spine and abdomen are strengthened, providing a powerful foundation for you to get more out of your other workouts. Pilates reformer sessions are instructed by Woodside Personal Trainer, who also hold certification in Stott Pilates, and provide the individualized attention to help you reach your goals. Find out more by contacting Lead Personal Trainer and Pilates Trainer, Kerstin Robertson.

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