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"In the past, I would have utilized at least two different clubs to accomplish what I've been able to accomplish with Woodside as my only health and fitness club.”
Jeff Yowell, President / CEO, DATACORE Marketing, LLC

“What I’ve come to appreciate most about Woodside Health and Tennis Club is its overall value. In the past, I’ve paid higher fees to belong to clubs that don’t provide half the resources or an atmosphere nearly as friendly as the one Woodside offers.”
Jeffri Chadiha, senior writer and ESPN TV personality

“I’ve tried so many different fitness clubs over the years, but there’s no doubt that Woodside surpasses all of them. They offer a large number of diverse classes so that you can find something to suit your needs no matter what your fitness level is. Woodside is simply the best!”
Amy Hodes, Stay-at-home Mother of three boys

“We have had a corporate membership with Woodside for over 15 years. The staff and management team have made it very easy for us to offer this amenity to our employees.”
Mark Viets, Partner, PGAV Architects

“You name Athletic Clubs. I have seen them. None compare to Woodside.”
Peter Theoharis, GM Mission Hills Country Club, Retired

“For the last thirty years I have been a member of the club. During this time I have enjoyed countless hours of exercise at what I firmly believe is the finest health club in the area and one of the top overall clubs in the country. Training at Woodside helped me reach many of my goals during my twelve-year NFL career. More recently it has helped me maintain the high level of fitness that I still desire. As well as all of the time well spent working on my fitness I have also enjoyed the social aspect of the club and will always fondly recall the time that I spent with my friends at Woodside.”
Tom Condon, Sports Agent, CAA Sports

“After starting my own business over two years ago I was one hundred percent consumed by work. Balance was not even a word that came to my mind. After the first of this year, I decided to get my life back. The first thing I incorporated was a fitness program at Woodside. Upon my return to Woodside I was completely impressed. The renovations were amazing. The club is absolutely beautiful with so many fitness and wellness options. In just a few months, I have lost over fifty pounds and feel physically fit and balanced. Woodside’s options with the personal training program, body evaluations and complete work-out equipment allowed me to get to where I am today.”
JoMarie Scaglia, owner “The Mixx”